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    In 1957, Coach Jim Graver, a baseball coach who was also an active member of the Lions Club of Glenside, Pennsylvania established the Leo Club. Together with his close friend, Lion William Ernest, he asked their fellow Lionsto support their service club for high school boys. Immediately, the Glenside Lions agreed on the project. On December 5 (now Leo Day), 1957, the Glenside Lions presented a charter to the Abington High School's baseball team.


    Being the first Leo Club of all time, the Abington High School's Leos were given the opportunity to create the Leo acronym-Leadership, Equality (later changed to Experience), Opportunity. The group also selected their school colours, maroon and gold to serve as the Leo Club's colour.



     In October 1967, the Lions Club International decided to adopt the Leo Club Program as an official program of the association. The Leo Club objective was (and still is) :


"...to provide the youth of the world (with) an opportunity for development and contibution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national and international community".



The Leo Club motto is :


LEADERSHIP    - Leos develop skills as organizers, time managers and motivators of their peers.


EXPERIENCE       - Leos learn the importance of cooperation through community service.


OPPORTUNITY  - Membership provides young people with a chance to excel, to develop positive character traits, and to receive recognition for their contributions to the community.






     The Leo Club of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah, Cameron Highlands if the first and only Leo Club in Cameron Highlands. It is sponsored by the Lions Club of Cameron Highlands.


     It was established on the 18 August 2001 under the supervision of Lion Raj Kumaran who was the Leo Club of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah's first Leo Club Advisor. A few years later, Lion Tony Ng Weng Wah took over his position as Leo Club Advisor and served alongside Mdm Ooi Lang Ing and Mdm Choo who were both assigned by the school to be the Leo Club of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah's Faculty Advisors. Ever since her appointment, Mdm Ooi Lang Ing has continued to serve the community alongside her Leos as their Leo Faculty Advisor. For her long years of service and dedication to the club, Mdm Ooi Lang Ing has won numerous awards which have been presented to her by both the District 308 B2 (MERIT LEO FACULTY ADVISOR 2005-2006, MERIT LEO FACULTY ADVISOR 2006-2007, OUTSTANDING LEO FACULTY ADVISOR 2007-2008) as well as the Lions Club of Cameron Highlands. In the year 2007, Mdm Choo retired and she was replaced by Mdm Faizah Yasmin. However, Mdm Faizah was only able to serve as a Leo Faculty Advisor for one year as she was transfered to Kuantan in the 2008. Her position as the Leo Faculty Advisor was replaced by Miss Wong Sing Ying. Miss Wong Sing Ying has been very actively involved in club activities since her appointment and has been successful in winning the coveted OUTSTANDING LEO FACULTY ADVISOR AWARD 2007-2008 which was presented by the District Chairperson of District 308 B2.


     The Leo Club of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah had smooth sailing years ever since its establishment in the year 2001. During the fiscal year 2005-2006, the Leo Club of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah's Board of Directors received 15 awards during the 33rd MD 308 Leo Forum. The following fiscal year, the club celebrated its 5th Anniversary in Hotel Casa dela Rosa. During this fiscal year, the Leo Club of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah was awarded two awards from the District 308 B2 during the 34th MD 308 Leo Forum which was held in Penang. The Leo Club of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah has been working very closely with its sponsoring Lions Club, the Lions Club of Cameron Highlands, ever since its establishment. The fact that both the clubs have been successful in having their installations together since 2001 is truly a testament to the strong bond that both the clubs share.


     In the year 2007, the Leo Club of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah took a great leap forward when several improvements and changes were introdued in the club's management. For instance, the Leo Treasurer for the fiscal year 2007-2008, Leo Granuiever Diana Alexander, designed a new monthly account template (which is still being used) which was more efficient and made the flow of cash more transparent. The Leos also embraced the cyber world by creating a new Leo Club website. E-Newsletters were also made and posted on the club's website to enable it to be downloaded. Another significant change in the club's management was the introduction of a new Leo Club of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah logo as well as a new theme-Making A Difference. The club also launched its most productive long term project, the 'Keep Our City Clean' campaign which is aimed at promoting enviromental awareness among the citizens of Cameron Highlands. During the 10th District 308 B2 Leo Forum (held in Ipoh), the Leos of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah made history when they won a total of 21 awards-3 MERIT awards, 16 OUTSTANDING awards and 2 TOP awards. OUTSTANDING Leo Club, TOP President, OUTSTANDING Secretary and OUTSTANDING Treasurer were among the awards won. The following year, the Leos continued to serve their community to the best of their ability and garnered 7 awards (including MERIT Leo Club, MERIT President and MERIT Secretary) during the 36th Multiple District 308 Leo Forum which was held in Penang.


     In the year 2009, the Leos of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah created a new website to kick-start a new fiscal year of Leonism. We really hope that the Leo Club of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah will be able to continue serving the community by upholding the themes 'Energize Your Life', 'Growth with Actions' and 'Move to Grow'. It's been nine years of service and we still want to make a difference.



     The Leo Club of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah logo was created during the fiscal year 2007-2008 and has since been used as the club's official logo. The logo was created by the Leo President and was later approved by the other BODs, members as well as the Leo Club Advisors. It resembles the past, present and future efforts of the Leos of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah who have all made a difference in their community.


     The small human figures resemble the Leos who have joined in the effort to make a difference across the globe. It also resembles the Leos of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah, who come from different walks of life, to work together to serve their community and nation in the best way possible.


     The earth, behind the Leo Club logo, resembles the extensiveness of the Leo network across the globe. It also shows the Leos' spirit to help those in need across the globe. The gold and maroon Leo Club logo resembles the main component that unites all Leos. It also has the letters 'L', 'E' and 'O' written in the middle of it which resembles the famous Leo motto, Leadership-Experience-Opportunity.


     The logo is mainly made up of the colours blue, green and brown. These colours which are very closely associated with nature resembles the efforts made by the Leos of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah to retain the natural beauty of Cameron Highlands. The phrase written on the earth which reads 'Making A Difference' is the theme of the Leo Club of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah.