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     Welcome to the official website of the Leo Club of SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah. This website will provide information and latest updates needed for the leos of our club as well as for fellow viewers of our website.


     This website will be constantly updated to provide information and updates about meetings and activities. Thank you. Roar! Roar! Roar!



  • What is "LEO"?

LEo is a programme of The International Association of Lions Clubs.

  • What is LEO Programme?

Lions club can provide training of youth by forming LEO clubs in local schools or community and continuously sponsoring it.

  • What is a LEO Club?

A Leo club is a group of young people banded together to promote service activities especially among the youths.
A Leo club must be sponsored by a Lions club, which take this programme as one of their activities for youth. The Lions club has to pay US$ 100 to LCI to form a LEO club, after which the Lions club will pay a levy of US$90 yearly to LCI.

  • Brief History

The first Leo club was formed in Abingtin High Shcool,Pennsylvania,USA in 1957.Lions Clubs International officially adopted the Leo club program as an activity of the Lions clubs in1967. Total world population of Leo 140,000. The first club formed in Malaysia was Anderson High School in Ipoh on 2-9-1970. Total population of Leo in Malaysia Peninsular is 9,800 where District B2 has 5,100 and District 308B1 has 4,700.

  • What is the object of a Leo Club?

The object is to provide the youth of the world an opportunity for development and contribution , individually and collectively as responsible members of the local, national and international community.

  • What is the purpose of Leo Club?

Leo club has being formed with a purpose to promote services activities among the youth of the communities which will develop the individual qualities of LEADERSHIP,EXPERIENCE and OPPORTUNITY.

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